Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote in wcrow,
Christopher tm Herdt

The editing begins again

flastron stopped by the apartment last night and we plowed through some poetry and fiction submissions. Most were clear rejections, unfortunately, and it's clear to me that people don't read the submission guidelines on the Web site.

We were amused for a while by two book length mss. of poetry involving vampires, sent by a dark soul currently biding his time as a grocery clerk at Meijer, and by some unfortunate forced rhymes accompanied by illustrations. For example, a drawing of an Eagle Talon (the car, not the bird's foot) to accompany a rhyming poem about her lingering memory of her now-passed husband.

I have half a mind to be horribly cruel to these people for two reasons:
1. They obviously don't read the guidelines or look at past issues and are blindly submitting to publications in hopes that, if you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick.
2. I want to discourage them from sending more material so that we can focus our energies on material that actually meets the criteria of our editorial policy.

I probably won't, though. Making enemies is a bad idea, even if they are harmless and far away.
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